Making a Claim

24 Hour Emergency Medical Assistance Service

If you need Medical treatment abroad please call us on +44 333 333 9669

To Make a Claim

Please call us on +44 333 333 9653

We are open during local business hours, Monday to Friday (except Public holidays).

Please have the following information when you call:

  • Your policy number and personal details
  • What happened, where it happened and the value of your Claim
  • Details of any other passengers involved
  • Details of any other insurance you have that may also cover the same loss, such as household or private medical
  • Details of any third parties involved
  • Supporting evidence – please see the table below on what is required for Claiming under the different sections on your policy
  Cancellation Non-Medical Cancellation Medical Baggage Loss or Theft Baggage Damage Baggage Delay Personal Money Passport Medical & Dental Expenses Delayed Departure Missed Departure
Booking Invoice / Tickers
Letter from Airline / Ferry Confirming Length & Reason of Delay                
Medical Receipts                  
Medical Reports                
Receipts for Expenses              
Cancellation Invoice                
Proof of Ownership / Purchase              
PIR / Loss Report          
Damage / Repair Report                  
Letter / Report to Substantiate Claim          

How to make a claim

To submit a Claim via email, please download our Claim form and email it to

  1. For Medical Assistance – please call the 24 Hour Emergency Medical Assistance Service and we will confirm whether your treatment or expenses are covered under the terms of your policy. We will also liaise directly with hospitals regarding your medical requirements and payment of bills. In some cases, it may be easier to pay minor expenses yourself. If you are in any doubt as to whether these costs will be covered, contact the assistance service for prior authorisation. Keep all receipts and medical reports and submit a Claim when you return home.
  2. For Curtailment Claims – please call our 24 Hour Emergency Medical Assistance Service if you need to return early for an insured reason to obtain pre-authorisation.

For all other Claims:

  • Check the relevant policy section to see the cover provided
  • Check what documentation is required to make a Claim
  • Submit your Claim within 28 days of returning home. (In certain cases you may wish to Claim whilst still travelling – this is possible but you must still adhere to the usual Claims requirements)
  • Keep copies of all supporting documentation (originals may be required to be submitted to the Claims Service)
  • Keep any damaged items that are the subject of a Claim. They may be required for salvage/assessment

How we will deal with your Claim:

  • We will aim to assess your Claim within 5 working days of receiving all of the required supporting evidence or documentation
  • We may wish to appoint a loss adjuster to discuss your Claim in person
  • We will settle all valid Claims in your local currency via Cheque or BACS payment

Claims Guidelines:

  1. Take all travel insurance documentation on holiday with you
  2. Always obtain written confirmation of travel delay, cancellation or baggage mishandling from the airline, ferry, railway or coach operator
  3. Ensure you take all possible precautions for safeguarding your belongings
  4. If any of your belongings are lost or damaged, report it to the police and or the appropriate authorities within 24 hours and obtain a written report
  5. Keep all receipts, accounts and documentary evidence as you will need them to make your Claim
  6. The medical emergency service must be contacted immediately in the event of a serious injury, illness, hospitalisation as an in-patient, where you are told that you need to undergo tests or investigations as an out-patient, or where repatriation or any alteration to your travel plans are required
  7. Do not discuss, agree or pay any potential Claim against you for personal liability
  8. In order to notify a Claim, call or write to us (address and phone number appears on the reverse side of the certificate) and you will be sent a Claim form
  9. Keep copies of all information you send to us